(I Tim 4:12)

*At 5:16 pm on November 9th 1965, events were set in motion that brought one of the richest most populated areas in the Western World to a stand still.

*A back-up electrical relay switch was tripped at the Sir Adam Beck Power Station in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  The switch had not been updated to keep pace with increasing power transmission and in less than three seconds the entire Northeastern power grid affecting both Canada and the U.S. went down.

*The results were staggering:  There was no electrical energy to heat, to light, to communicate, to power any kind of machine, to operate pumps to move sewage, water or gas.

*An estimated 800,000 people were trapped in subways.  Only 1/2 of 150 hospitals had emergency power systems available.  Over 200 flights arriving at JKF Airport had to be rerouted because runway lights went off.

*30 million people found themselves in a dark, silent world.  All because of a little metal cup in a small box touching a metal contact.

*The smallest act or incident can set off a ripple effect far beyond expectations.

*The scriptures are filled with examples of ripple effects  that helped spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ thru out the world.

(Question: What kind of riffle and waves am I setting into motion by my words and works for Christ?)

*People who toss stones into a pond don’t always see who or what is touched by the waves their stones cause but the ripples go forth anyway.

*As Christians we won’t always know who is touched by our words and works for Christ, but we must understand one thing:

*Our job however is not to question whether our words and works are having a certain impact.  Our job is to continually cast ourselves upon the water and put in motion those waves that God can direct towards others saved or unsaved.

*I would fail God if I didn’t tell of the man who had the greatest Ripple Effect in history: The Lord Jesus Christ.

(1) Born in an obscure village

(2) The child of a pleasant woman

(3) He never owned a house

(4) He never wrote a book

(5) He never went to college

(6) He never traveled over 200 miles from the place He was born

(7) When He died, He was laid in a borrowed tomb

(8) In three days He arose from the dead

*Over two thousand years have passed yet He is the Centerpiece of the human race, the Transformer of men’s lives, the Giver of Light to those stumbling in darkness.

*Those who are saved, have been changed by the Ripple Effect of the one solitary Life.

(Notice Three Closing Thoughts:)

1) The had not of history

*How different history would be if :

(1) An ordinary man named Andrew had not gone to his brother Simon Peter and said “We have found the Messiah”. (John 1:40,41)

(2) Another ordinary man named Philip had not sought out Nathanael and told him “We have found him of whom Moses in the law prophets did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph”. (John 1:45)

(3) What if an ordinary fisherman had not responded to the request of a Gentile named Cornelius and shared the Gospel with him and his household. (Acts 10:1-48)

2) What if of history

(1)What if a five year old child named John Wesley had not been snatched from a burning house?

(2)What if his brother Charles Wesley had not taken ill and during that time read Luther’s commentary on Galations and learned of Salvation by Grace thru Faith?

(3) What if their godly mother Susanna had not taught her 19 children the things of God and prayed for them daily?

(4) What if and unknown SS teacher named Edward Kimball had not went to a Chicago shoe store and led Dwight L Moody to the Lord?

(5) What if a dairy farmer in Charlotte NC had not faithfully taught his young son Billy Graham the Gospel.

3) Look at your life

*The influence, the Ripple Effect that God  has begun in your life can affect many: friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, strangers

(You may not see the shore on which each rippling wave lands, but the shore where you stand at right now is where the Ripple must begin.)   (Matt 5:16  Read)



(I Thes 1:1-10)

To see the birth of the chruch at Thessalinica you need to read (Acts 17).  The Gospel was first preached there by Paul and Silas.  (Acts 17) tells us that a few of the Jews believed, a larger number of Greeks , and a number of women believed.

*One of the key reasons of this letter being written was the primary concern regarding the rapture of the chruch and it relationship to those who had already died.

*Some feared that when Jesus returned for the chruch that those who had already died would be left in the ground.

(Our intention of this message is not so much the coming of the Lord, but a message concerning these Christians and what Paul says about them:)

(1) They were always remembering and giving thanks.

(Vs 2  Read)

1) Remember our conversion and thank God continually.

(Vs 9  Read)

*Remember your broken life and what God did to make you whole producing great joy.

*Remember seeing the conversion of others fills our hearts with joy.

*Remember the fellowship and friendship of each other.

*Remember the blessing of serving Him: past, present, and future.

(2) It is alright to commend those who do well.

(Vs 3  Read)

*We say “I don’t want anybody praising me”, but everybody likes to know they’re doing a good job.

*One member told her pastor “Pastor, you are a model preacher”.  He felt real good hearing it.  Later in the day he asked his wife “What was that Mrs. Brown said about me?”.  She replied “You were a model preacher”.  For several days the pastor would ask the same question.  Finally the wife got a dictionary and when he came home for supper and asking the question again, she pointed to the word “model”.  The pastor read “model”, a small imitation of the real thing.  He never asked again what Mrs. Brown said.

(Prov 3:27)  “Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.”

*Has a singer blessed you?

*Has a teacher helped you?

*Is there a message the preacher preached that helped you?

Tell them.

(3) The presentation of the Gospel

(Vs 5  Read)

1) Presented in word

You witness with your mouth and you back up your witness with your life.

2) Presented with power

They delivered the Word in such a way people responded.

3) Presented in the Holy Ghost

(I Cor 2:4,5   Read)

As they preached the Holy Ghost took those words and confirmed them in the people’s hearts.

4) Presented in much assurance

They truly believed that the Word was true.  We can never be effective in presenting the Gospel

until you know it works.

(4) They were imitations of Paul and the Lord

(Vs 6  Read)

Four things noted:

1) Imitators of Paul, Silas, Timothy, Lord

If everyone in your church imitated your spiritual life what kind of church would this be?

What kind of attendance, of giving, of growing?

2) They received the word

Didn’t sleep, didn’t daydream but listened and soaked in what the preacher said.

3) They received the word in much affliction

Called fanatics, bible thumpers

4) They had joy.

Is your Christian life a jor or drudgery?

(5) They were examples of the believers

(Vs 7  Read)

(4:12   Read)

*We must strive never to be a stumbling block to the lost:

By lip service to the Lord.

By inconsistent living.

(Do you remember what the Lord has done in your life and others?)

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